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Geekdients Takes Food to a Whole New World [Giveaway Alert!]

You know just how much we love geek food here at ForeverGeek. Whether it’s food from our favorite geek shows or stories or it’s geeky-fying ordinary food or going all out on the science…bacon. Today, we’re taking you on a new journey in the world of geek food, courtesy of Geekdients. What’s Geekdients? Geekdients is […]

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7 Netflix Horror Movies You’ll Want to Watch

I’m not the type to choose a horror flick for movie night. In fact, the few times I’ve watched horror movies were either because my best friend really wanted to watch one (so I gave in) or I was forced into it one way or another. Still, after having gone through Insidious alive, my tolerance […]

How to Ditch Cable and Still Watch Your Favorite Shows

How to Ditch Cable and Still Watch Your Favorite Shows

Cable is great if you can afford it, but more and more people are opting to ditch cable and enjoy their favorite shows by other means. Advancements in consumer technology make it completely possible to watch TV without a cable subscription. In fact, some might even call it the future of television. So, how is […]

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Fandom Friday: Grimm Merchandise We Want

October 30 can’t come soon enough for Grimm fans. With season 5 just a few weeks away, it’s a great time to binge watch season 4 to refresh your memory. An alternative: do some retail therapy to take care of your Grimm and/or Wesen withdrawal symptoms. We know how it feels. Here is some Grim […]